Balcas – One of Britain and Ireland’s largest Sawmills

Balcas is one of Britain and Ireland’s largest wood product suppliers, with a turnover of circa £100 Million. The group has some 360 direct employees; in addition, 330+ people are engaged in forest harvesting and haulage.

Balcas have responded to market demand following a display of prototype at the Balmoral Show, by introducing Half Sleepers to their line. Produced using a pressure treatment process which is environmentally friendly and because of their unique size; more flexible and transportable for your home & landscaping projects.

Traditional Railway Sleepers have made a big come back. However, due to their size and environmentally unfriendly creosote treatment are not always practical for the home and garden environment.

Balcas Sleepers are a natural choice for any landscaping project. They have endless garden and home applications, from boundaries, edgings, planters and borders to terraces and walkways.

They can be used to construct raised vegetable beds for the less mobile, and sand pits for the young.

Make your garden a space to be proud of with this new treated softwood mini sleeper that can be used for many landscaping purposes. Sleepers can be stacked, placed vertically in the ground or used as path edging.

Balcas Sleepers have the advantage of being transportable in the family car.

Only basic DIY skills required.

Each order is comprised of 10, 20 or 40 pieces delivered on a pallet (1000mm x 1200mm).  Click here to view our Delivery Guidelines.

Balcas Stackers Sleepers

Balcas are proud to have Ellie’s Retreat as our annual charity for 2017

Balcas are proud to have Ellie’s Retreat as our annual charity for 2017