Balcas direct sleepers, a modern take on the traditional railway sleeper.

Available online only, though our direct website for our best & cheapest price guarantee.

Old used, second hand, traditional Railway sleepers can use environmentally unfriendly creosote and are not always practical for the home and garden environment. This is because Creosote can be harmful to plants & animals if it comes into direct contact with them so they don’t always make the best choice for landscaping projects.

Our new Balcas Direct mini sleepers are different, they are produced using our tried and tested pressure treatment process which is environmentally friendly and squeezes our tanalith treatment deep inside the timber helping to extend the life of our products for years to come.

Our timber is sourced from FSC certified forests, so buyers can be rest assured that their wood products are not only renewable, but that they come from forests that are managed responsibly. As Forests are, for all, forever.

Being slightly shorter at 1.2m than the traditional 2.4m sleeper we offer a more easily handed, fit in the boot of your car, lift over your shoulder sleeper, making them an ideal choice for all those projects you can dream up.

Half the length but double the possibilities and less need for exhausting hand sawing or chain-sawing exercises.

  • Balcas direct sleeper: 1.2 x 200 x 100
  • Traditional railway sleeper: 2.4 x 200 x 100

Become do it yourself (DIY) advocate and unleash those creative thoughts by creating unique raised planters, picnic benches, large garden seats, add edging to a patio or define an area, create long paths or stepping points, sandpits for the kids, low walls and fencing. Just some of the ways you can add value to your home or business.

All our timber products are produced right here in Northern Ireland by skilled operators at Balcas timber so buying our sleepers helps us keep local people employed.

Buy today while stocks last, and our limited time sale is still on! Don’t forget free delivery! No need to worry about trailers or how to collect? We will arrange to bring them right to your door.

Pick from our range of 10, 20, & 40 sleepers packs in either brown or green and see what you can create.

Be sure to take pictures.